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All of our Border Collie pups are reared by their dam in the house. The only person who handles them is myself....until they are around 5 weeks old.
They are born and raised in the house . I am always there to help the new moms to whelp. 
It makes her life easier if I am there to help give a hand or deliver a pup when she is faced with around 7 squeaking little creatures all at one time.
 Loads of towels, and other supplies are a must for this event! I am always prepared for a 4 - 7 hour whelping as it can take as long as this.  
We have underfloor heating which the pups just love. they look like little seal pups lying in the sun....so warm and cozy..
We find that IT CAN upset the dams , strangers looking and touching her pups so we do not like to put her under any more stress than necessary. 
We do not believe in having the bitch raise the pups in the kitchen where every person that comes in the house wants to pick up the pups!
I have known of several other breeders who have lost entire litters of puppies in a very tragic way. People coming to visit the pups have taken the dreaded parvo virus to some unlucky breeder where it wiped out the remaining puppies one by one. This is a heartbreaking thing to have  happen.  

Border Collie pups cannot properly see until they are around 3  weeks old any way .  

When the pups reach 3 weeks old they are offered cooked chicken from our freezer,  we add a vitamin  supplement,  and  cereal to the meat, this helps them to get a taste of solids. 

soon after this, we add a good commercial  puppy food to get them used to puppy food.

Now that the pups can see and play, I sit with them, play with them and speak to them.   I give them stuffed animals, with small parts removed. Baby toys, and dog toys to chew on, and little biscuits for their teeth.

By now they are running around my house depositing little treasures on my floor which is covered by newspaper. This is the best thing to socialize them. They can see and interact with me all day long. This makes them very people oriented.
I like them to get used to a crate as well.
Most pups will be kept  in a crate at night when they go to their new homes. ( or should be to help with house breaking and prevent chewing of wires and cables.)

if the weather is good, they can go out into the garden and meet the cat and run around to build up confidence in themselves, and strengthen their little legs. 
When they discover my flower pots, Or should i say what is left of them . 
By now they have been wormed 6 times with panucur.. and mom has been done at the same time.. 
Next comes the  microchip.
They never make a noise it is so painless and fast.............then the day comes, when they go to their new families!!!............................... 

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